Challenging Conservation

BANC is an independent network of practitioners, academics and interested individuals, taking a critical look at the world of nature conservation in Britain and beyond. We provide a forum for analysis of the issues, debate about values, and testing of new ideas.

BANC was founded in the 1980s by students who questioned the status quo, and sought an outlet for radical thinking. It has had a major influence on a range of issues including planning policy, re-wilding, the ‘extinction of experience’ and urban conservation.

Now, more than three decades on, the need for a catalytic, progressive force for re-energising the nature conservation movement is greater than ever. BANC continues to serve this role, questioning assumptions and encouraging fresh thinking. We stress conservation’s social, economic and political dimensions, because these are where conservation policies meet the real world.

We publish the respected online journal ECOS, run workshops and conferences, commission books and reports. Members of BANC receive ECOS three times a year, can attend the BANC Annual General Meeting and have the opportunity to join in discussions and debates on the member’s discussion forum.

For inspiration, independent thought, and a place to air your thoughts on the nature and society in the 21st century, Join BANC.

BANC stall at Cambridge Biodiversity Fair