BANC was founded in the mid 1980s by students at University College London.  They questioned the status quo in nature conservation, and created the journal ECOS as an outlet for radical thinking. 

BANC was the first organisation to link the conservation of nature to politics, social issues and economics, before the mainstreaming of environmental concerns.  As a result ECOS has had a major influence on a range of issues including re-wilding, planning policy, personal experience of nature, and urban conservation.

Now, three decades on, the need for a catalytic, progressive force for re-energising the nature conservation movement is greater than ever.  BANC continues to serve this role, questioning assumptions and encouraging fresh thinking.  It is run by volunteers, and is independent of all other organisations.

Membership of BANC offers access to the online ECOS, and to associated debates and discussions.  It also offers access to an invaluable archive of ECOS articles going back 30 years.  BANC also organises events and field meetings.

For inspiration, independent thought, and a place to air your thoughts on nature and society in the 21st century, join BANC!