ECOS in 2014

BANC and ECOS were born out of the masters degree in conservation at University College London (UCL) by committed volunteers, keen to raise the profile of the environment to new audiences in political, social and economic circles. From these informal beginnings, BANC became a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee in 1987.

Leading conservationists welcomed the energy and enterprise that brought BANC into being. The RSPB’s Director, Ian Prest, was among the early supporters and became a Vice-President, as did Norman Moore, the Nature Conservancy Council’s Chief Advisory Officer. Max Nicholson was interviewed for a notable article in the first edition of ECOS. As the first organisation to link the conservation of nature to politics, social issues and economics before the mainstreaming of environmental concerns, BANC’s advent was widely welcomed.

ECOS: A Review of Conservation is now a publication filled with articles and comment on the latest topics in UK conservation. Over its thirty-five years, ECOS has grown into a source of provocative, questioning writing on the important conservation issues of our times.

“We value ECOS primarily because it is a forum for uninhibited discussion of some of the fundamental issues facing the human race: how we can avoid further degradation of the things that make life worth living, in the face of ever increasing numbers of people and of their material demands. ECOS reminds us of the richness of what we have already lost, helps us to work out ways of restoring some of that richness, and explores alternative ways forward.” (Quote from Philip and Myrtle Ashmole)

For inspiration, independent thought, and a place to air your thoughts on nature and society in the 21st century, Join BANC.