ECOS 30 (3/4) Whole issue

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Editorial: A house without foundations. Martin Spray

Feature articles
– Ecology: what next? Jill Sutcliffe
– Plants in peril. Clare O’Reilly
– Critical choices for early ecology education. Karen Devine
– Getting started in conservation – better late than never. Ruth Boogert
– Getting started in conservation – climbing the rungs of the green ladder. Andrea Gear
– Going wild – reconnecting children with the natural world. Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield
– Looking ahead in conservation. Andrew Harby
– An all-consuming passion. James Robertson
– Where now ‘Hell and High Water’? Alastair McIntosh
– Rewilding the political landscape. Peter Taylor

Book reviews
• Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo
• From Peat Bog to Conifer Forest
• The Carrifran Wildwood Story
• The Wind farm Scam
• Managing Scotland’s Environment
• Where the Wild Things Were
• Conservation Refugees
• The Norse Mills of Lewis
• Shetland’s Crofting Culture
• The Handbook of Sustainable Literacy
• The Dark Mountain Manifesto
• Heaven and Earth – Global Warming, the Missing Science
• The Climate Caper
• A New Climate for Theology
• Down to the Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse
• Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air.

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