ECOS 31 (1) Whole issue

Editorial: A no-regrets response to our mixed up nature. Geoffrey Wain
Feature articles
– Eco-xenophobia – responding to our natural aliens. Ian Rotherham
– As British as curry? Hot and bothered over parakeets. Mathew Frith
– Ducking and diving – mixing science and values in ruddy duck control. Peter Shirley
– Exotic springtails in the UK – their occurrence and diversity. Paul Ardron
– UK invasive fungi– Benign additions to our fungal flora. Peter Shaw
– Scottish alpine and woodland birds – their fortunes in an uncertain climate. Adam Watson
– The changing nature of climate. Simon Ayres
– Copenhagen, nature conservation and a few REDD herrings. Kate Rawles
– Where now in climate and nature conservation? Richard Smithers & Mike Townsend
– Britain’s arctic wildlife – how we coped in Winter 2010. Andrew Harby
– The Dower+100 Report – National Parks 1945-2045. Adrian Phillips
– The conservation sector in the recession – Double-dip or quits? Jonathan Somper
Book Reviews
• The Naturalized Animals of Britain and Ireland
• Nature’s Powers and Spells
• Wild Justice
• Celebrity and the Environment
• Mahatmagandhi and the Environment
• A Wilder Vein
• What is Land For?
• Conservation Psychology
• The Real Global Warming Disaster
• Air Con
• The Hockey Stick Illusion
• A Brush with Nature


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