ECOS 36 (1) Whole issue

Editorial: Bob, badgers and business. Geoffrey Wain
Feature Articles
– Refreshing Conservation – cries from the heart. BANC Council
– The expensive education of the nature conservation sector. Alistair Crowle
– A Forest Charter
– Answers for the future from lessons of the past. Frances Winder
– Community conservation at Neroche – surviving adolescence. Gavin Saunders
– Wildlife and conservation in community woods: Business as usual? Alexander Van Der Jagt et al
– Community management of public land: Keeping green assets viable. Mark Walton
– Consultancy collectives – a broader approach to wildlife research and survey. Mick Green
– Hearts and minds in managing the Cairngorms. Nick Moreau
Book Reviews
Eco-History: An introduction to biodiversity and conservation. Ian Rotherham, 2014
The Eagle’s Way. Jim Crumley, colour plates by Laurie Campbell, 2014.
The Moor: Lives, landscape and literature. William Atkins, 2014
Story-telling for a greener world: Environment, Community and Story-based learning. Alida Gersie, Anthony Nanson and Edward Schieffelin, 2014
Ecocultures: Blueprints for sustainable communities. Steffan Bohm, Zareen Pervez and Jules Pretty (eds), 2015

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