ECOS 36 (2) Whole issue

Editorial: Towards infinity. Geoffrey Wain
Feature articles
– Freeing up nature – from ourselves and from market forces. Peter Shirley
– Austerity politics – any place for nature? Mike Townsend
– Conservation advocacy: can NGOs retain their voice? George Bangham
– Finding funds for nature – muddling through in middle England. Pete Johnstone
– Conservation on its last legs – the prospect for rejuvenation. Peter Taylor
– Does conservation need an exit strategy? The case for minimal management. Joe Gray and Patrick Curry
– Compassionate conservation – making the case. Simon Leadbeater
– Return of the beaver – lessons from the River Otter. Mark Elliot
– Electric energy: BANC nature tweets. Emily Adams
Book Reviewss
The New Wild: Why Invasive Species will be Nature’s Salvation. Fred Pearce
Back from the Brink: A Breath of Fresh Air. Malcolm Smith
Marine Biodiversity Conservation: A Practical Approach. Keith Hiscock
Governing Marine Protected Areas: Resilience through diversity. Peter S. Jones
H is for Hawk. Helen Macdonald
Rainbow Dust: Three Centuries of Delight in British Butterflies. Peter Marren
In Pursuit of Butterflies: A Fifty Year Affair. Matthew Oates
The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy Review. Michael McCarthy


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