ECOS 38 (5)


Francesco Rovero and Fridolin Zimmermann (eds.)

Pelagic Publishing


293 pages

ISBN: 978 1 78427 048 3

Paperback RRP: £34.99

Review by Rick Minter

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ECOS 38 (5): Contents

Inheritors of the Earth by Chris Thomas

Review by Peter Shirley

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

Review by Andrew Blewett

Rewild by Nick Baker

Review by Peter Taylor

Re-enchanting the Forest by William Ayot

Review by Peter Taylor

Woodland Development by George Peterken and Edward Mountford

Review by Simon Leadbeater

The Red Squirrel by Neil McIntyre & Polly Pullar

Review by John Savory

Camera Trapping for Wildlife Research by Francesco Rovero and Fridolin Zimmermann (eds.)

Review by Rick Minter

One thought on “ECOS 38 (5): Book Reviews: Camera Trapping

  1. Since I’m only interested in completely wild footage of wild animals, I don’t use unnatural lures of any kind, no scents, no audio lures, no visual lures. This requires a lot more work to get
    the footage I’m after but I like the challenge.

    This footage of three mountain lions was based on over 200 hours of research, noting wind patterns, deer and elk use of a nearby meadow, etc.

    Thanks, David Neils

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