Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ECOS going Open-Access?
We continue to be held back by our subscription-based approach: in this noisy, opinion-filled world, the carefully-considered messages in ECOS are muffled by being hidden behind a subscription paywall. We have wrestled with this dilemma for years – wanting to get ECOS to a wide audience, yet obliged to restrict access to those who choose to pay for it. We’ve now concluded that the time is right to address the issue, and we’ve taken the momentous decision to make ECOS content open-access, with effect from 1st January 2018, so that it will become available to anyone to read. As a consequence, subscription membership to BANC will come to an end at that point.

Once my membership ends how will I know when ECOS is published and what’s happening? Will I simply have to remember to visit the website frequently?
BANC will retain members’ email addresses on a database to be used to notify about ECOS postings at the time they happen. Members have been informed of this intention and have been given the option to ask for their details to be removed from this database when their subscription closes, if they wish.

I am not a current subscriber to ECOS but I want to view it between now and January – how can I do that?
Please get in touch with us at, and we will discuss a solution with you.

I want to write for ECOS, what do I have to do?
Please contact the BANC Enquiries email ( with a title and abstract for the article you want to write – this will be sent to the Editor. ECOS articles are between 1000 and 2000 words long, with references, and should be aimed at a generalist audience. ECOS does not typically carry pure research articles, your article should instead focus on the applications of your research to conservation, or be more of a thought-piece. The editor will be able to support you with this, and your article will be reviewed by at least 1 other person prior to publishing.

I want to support BANC and ECOS, but am not sure how
BANC relies on donations of money and time to support its functioning. You can make a financial donation. You can also consider joining the BANC Council as a volunteer – people typically volunteer for a few months prior to joining the Board, and Board members are themselves voluntary trustees. Please write to to discuss this further, and please send a copy of your CV/Linked In page and a brief outline of why you want to volunteer and what you might be most interested in doing (e.g. supporting communications, website, ECOS production, etc.)