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As well as publishing our journal ECOS: A Review of Conservation, BANC has also published numerous books and pamphlets on conservation issues.

If you are interested in a publication which is out of print, please contact enquiries@banc.org.uk and we will do our best to help you.

Unless otherwise stated, publications are available on enquiry from: enquiries@banc.org.uk

Rewilding: ECOS Writing on Wildland and Conservation Values.

Peter Taylor (ed). rewilding JPEG 2011.
ISBN 978-0-9547064-2-5
This book is available to order from here

Beyond Conservation: A Wildland Strategy.

Peter Taylor.  2005. beyond conservation JPEG
After decades of operating off-the-backfoot and protecting and conserving nature perceived as under threat, conservationists are becoming proactive and creative in the face of habitat  loss, agricultural intensification and climate change. Beyond Conservation offers a revolutionary agenda for both managing existing wildlands in Britain and for expanding and connecting such lands. Central to this strategy is the imperative to ‘rewild’ or restore and repair damaged habitat and ecosystems, promote existing biodiversity and reintroduce vanished plant and animal species, while working to reconcile human needs and livelihoods and the needs of nature.
ISBN 1 8440719 8 7
Available here from the Earthscan website.

Future Nature: a vision for conservation.

WM Adams.  2003 (2nd Edition).   Future Nature JPEG
The countryside is changing faster than ever. Fifty years of conservation achievements in the UK are now being confronted by a new complexion of economic forces that are driving change in the countryside. At the same time new ideas in conservation are altering the role that conservation is being asked to play in negotiating the transition from past to future. This revised edition of Bill Adams’ classic work Future Nature tackles the new challenges in the countryside and wildlife conservation head-on through a new Introduction and Postscript with updated arguments about naturalness and our social engagement with nature, and complemented by a new Foreword by Adrian Phillips. Concepts such as biodiversity and sustainability, and changes in our understanding, appreciation and concern for nature, offer unprecedented opportunities. Bill Adams explores the scientific, cultural and economic significance of conservation. He argues that conservation must move beyond the boundaries of parks and reserves to embrace the whole countryside. The importance of conservation for the future is enormous. It holds the potential to create new spaces for nature, both in the landscape and in our lives and imaginations. This factual, beautifully written and thought-provoking book offers a fundamental reassessment of conservation, its importance, and how to achieve it. Published with BANC.
ISBN 1 8538399 8 1
Available here from the Earthscan website.

Local Government Reform: An Agenda for Nature Conservation.  (1995).

David Goode & David Tyldesley,
A5 booklet, 20 pages  £1.99

England’s Green Horizon? A conservation and countryside access agency for the post-Rio world.  (1994).

Robin Grove-White.
A5 pamphlet, 8 pages  £1.99

Golf Courses: Friend or Foe of the Countryside?  (1993).

Darren Howarth (ed.)
£11.95 (incl. p&p)
Out of stock

Survival of the Fairest? Can women make it to the top in the conservation movement?  (1991).

Rosemary Teverson
ISBN 0 9509344 6 1
£6.00 (incl. p&p)

Conservation in the nineties – priorities for the new agencies.  (1991).

Norman Moore.
A5 pamphlet, 8 pages £1.99

Councils for Wildlife Guide.  (1990).

David Tyldesley and Ian Collis (eds.)
ISBN 0 9509344 5 3
A4 booklet, 43 pages
£10.00 (incl. p&p)

Economics of the Environment: The Conservationists’ Report on the Pearce Report.  (1990).

John Bowers
ISBN 0 9509344 4 5
£5.95 (incl. p&p)
Out of stock

Ground Truth: A Report on the Prime Minister’s First Green Year.  (1989).

BANC/Media Natura
£4.95 (incl. p&p)
Out of stock

The Conservation Business: Fundraising Strategies and Management in Nature Conservation Organisations.  (1988).

C John et al
ISBN 0 9509344 3 7
£8.60 (incl. p&p)
Out of stock

Fragments of Paradise: A Guide for Conservation Action in the UK Dependent Territories.  (1987).

Sara Oldfield
ISBN 0 9508245 5 0
A5 book, 192 pages
£10.00 (incl. p&p)

Forests for Britain.  (1987).

ISBN 0 9503344 2 9
A4 booklet, 57 pages
£4.95 (incl.p&p)

Gaining Momentum: An Analysis of the Role and Performance of Local Authorities in Nature Conservation.  (1986).

David Tyldesley
ISBN 0 9508245 4 2
A5 book, 96 pages
£5.00 (incl. p&p)

Nature Conservation and The National Trust.  (1986).

Clive Chatters & Rick Minter
A5 pamphlet, 8 pages £1.99

The Ecological Conscience: Values and Ethics in British Conservation.  (1986).

Rick Minter and Martin Spray (eds.)
A5 booklet, 40 pages

Implementing the Act: A Study of Habitat Protection under Section II of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  (1984).

W M Adams.
ISBN 0 9509344 1 0
A5 booklet, 79 pages
£4.45 (incl. p&p)

The Future for Forestry.  (1983).

Richard Grove
ISBN 0 9509344 0 2
A5 booklet, 70 pages
£4.45 (incl. p&p)