ECOS 38 (1)

As BANC and ECOS move more fully to a web format, discussion continues on the distinct role of an organization which promotes debate and challenge rather than a particular party line.


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Gavin Saunders

Current chair of BANC and co-lead of Neroche Woodlanders, the social enterprise in the public forest in Somerset.

2 thoughts on “ECOS 38 (1): The role of BANC and ECOS: A space for views, or espousing a view?

  1. I could not agree more. The challenging, discursive nature of the debate within BANC and the open way in which those debates are managed are the things that keep me interested in both BANC and ECOS. The venues occupy a small part of Gavin’s article, but they are very important. I helped organise the recent inaugural meeting of the Wessex Ancient Tree Forum (unashamed plug – we have a page on the Ancient Tree Forum web site) and while we needed to do some power point presentation to kick things off, I knew that the sooner we got out around some trees and in the woods, then the better off we would be. In my work in an AONB, we spend too much time talking about natural beauty while sitting in a basement in Noble House (Defra), or in the centre of Birmingham. We feel forced to do this for reasons of efficiency, travelling expenses and just plain penury; but is it really worth while? Would the outcomes of meetings be better if we spent time in inspiring places?
    So I look forward to more debate and challenge in interesting and inspiring places – whatever the logo might be.

  2. I agree as well. This is your niche so please continue to occupy it and challenge the comfort zones of your readers. I have found it has helped my development as an ecologist immensely over the years.

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